Our Code of Conduct reflects our commitments to meet fundamental principles and rules concerning ethical conduct in all our organizational activities. It is about operational excellence with integrity - which is the core of our organization's identity.

Our Code of Conduct helps us grow our culture of empowerment and accountability through coaching and learning of best practices. Rather than restricting us, our Code expands our options as it provides clarity on how we work and behave.

Our Main Services

The firm provides the following services under its consulting division.

Water Management & Engineering

Resettlement Action Plan (RAP)

Business management

Organizational Development & Training

Our Best Services

Our services in various sectors - Governments in the public sector – ministries, state corporations, academia, security sector, infrastructure sector – water, roads, energy, buildings, institutions – schools hospitals, devolved governments, commissions

Environmental Services

The company also has the capability for carrying out the following environmental tasks with a view to assist our clients in attaining and sustaining a benign environment.

Preparation of a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP)

Implantation of the RAP in liaison with the Valuers and conveyance firms to ensure full compensation for PAPS, ensuring that a participatory approach is envisaged in all decision making and key stakeholders are involved.

Organizational Development & Training Services

Training and awareness Programme on Health, Safety, Environment & Quality, Water Treatment and Water Quality Monitoring, Environment-oriented Cost Management (EoCM), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)

Water Management & Engineering Services

Design, Installation and Maintenance of Drinking Water Treatment Plants, Effluent Treatment Plants in conformity with Regulatory requirements, Supply of water treatment media and Water supply management.

Business Management

The firm provides the following services under its consulting division: Quality Management System, Restructuring Services, Strategic Management/Strategic planning, Surveys, Commercialization of Water and Sanitation Services, Training and Skills Transfer.

Investment Advisory Services

Our range of specialized investment advisory services include: Share Register maintenance and dividend processing; Risk management assessment; Portfolio investment advice; Pension planning; Medical Scheme administration; Custodial services to Retirement Benefit Schemes; Stock Exchange market analysis.